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Something truly magical and powerful happens when people with a shared interest in rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and lapidary come together. There is an unmistakable sense of acceptance, a spirit of encouragement and an unparalleled appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the treasures of the earth.

It’s the reason it feels like new rockhounding friends are kindred spirits, why visiting shops, dig sites and shows, can often resemble reunions, and why we created MyRockHub. In this space, there is room at the table for everyone, and a wide variety of opportunities to connect, explore, be inspired and inspire, and share, however, whenever, and wherever your rockhounding interests take you.

MyRockHub is part of the Rock & Gem family. We describe MyRockHub as an enhanced interactive arm of the Rock & Gem brand. The website and its components are inspired by the conversations, excursions, sharing and showing, and ideas and information always present and evolving within the global rockhounding community; a community Rock & Gem has been part of since 1971. This is the all-inclusive space to enjoy interests in rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and lapidary to the fullest. You can do that by way of the:

  • Shop & Dig Locator: Share your location or the location you’re interested in, to view listings of the nearby rock and mineral shops and dig sites, many of which are recommended by seasoned rockhounds in the Rock & Gem community. Each listing contains key details about the destination and built-in GPS to aid in navigation.
  • Marketplace: Buy and sell rocks, gems, minerals, and lapidary art. Let us help you sell the treasures you’ve found or had a hand in creating, or find the next addition to your collection.
  • Gallery: Share photos of your favorite or latest find, acquisition, or creation in the ultimate show-and-tell space for the rock, gem, mineral, and lapidary community.
  • Show Calendar: Get the latest details about rock and gem shows taking place in the coming months. Enjoy 24/7 access to show details.
  • Forums: Join the conversation or observe discussions regarding a variety of topics cultivated by MyRockHub members.

We understand and appreciate that you dig rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and lapidary. We support living life and celebrating interests to the fullest and invite you to find your space at MyRockHub.

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